contemporary visual artist


practicing on Nyoongar Country in Walyalup / Fremantle, Western Australia




The Joiner series are semi-abstract landscape compositions, inspired by different places I have visited in Western Australia. Made from rectangular shaped transparent and opaque acrylic sheets, each individual work is titled with a geographic location, a series of numbers pinpointing the exact location of the place that inspired it.

In the 21st Century, many people use technology such as GPS, smart phones, digital cameras or even drones to see and interpret their surrounding environment. We often include ourselves in these images or videos and share them with our friends, family and the world through social media and the internet. Filters are used, the saturation and contrast bumped up, undesirable elements cropped out. The ocean is bluer, the leaves more lush.

In an era where truth is abstracted and more than 55% of the worlds population live in urban hubs, it is hard to comprehend the impact of our global urban lifestyle on our climate and environment. As a predominately urban people, our daily interaction with “untouched” nature is often through instagram or friends holiday pics online. In the Joiner series nature is compressed into this increasingly familiar format: a highly reflective, 3:4 ratio composition of saturated colour –– a landscape rendered to data and a geographic coordinate.


Exhibition History

2017, Here & Now 17: New Photography, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, Perth
2018, Summer Salon, Murdoch Gallery, Perth
2019, Island Tales, Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taipei
2020, The Embrace, Moore Contemporary, Perth

-22.029862, 113.917313 (overlook) (detail), 2017, Acrylic sheeting on Alubond in custom frames, 87cm x 62cm

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