contemporary visual artist


practicing on Nyoongar Country in Walyalup / Fremantle, Western Australia

Art as Asset

Art, antiquity and the global movement of wealth.


Doomsday preppers, the end of days and going out in style –– the aesthetics of luxury survival tech.

Office walls with view of a river  

Art, power and legacy –– photographic series exploring the role of art collections and collectors of the 21st Century.


Semi-abstract landscapes compositions formed in colourful acrylic sheeting –– a series about the way the nature is perceived in a digital age.

Post Leisure

Artificial intelligence, the pursuit of automation and the seduction of digital devices –– compositions in paint, glass and steel.

Oon voimissain (I will survive)

Experiences with rural life, people and wilderness in remote central Finland captured in photographic still life compositions, video and installation.

Shadows on the hill

Fully functional camping tent used as vehicle to prompt conversations around housing affordability, sustainable architecture and our relationship with land ownership in Australia.

Cut Outs

Car camping and space age materials –– experiencing nature in an urbanised way.

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